Narrative Short Story Essay

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Narrative Short Story Essay

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DateNarrative Short Story Essay
“I’m thinking of quitting my internship,” my niece, Doctor Robin Taft, said to me on the evening of the last day of July 2045.
My niece was a struggling intern, who worked long hours and was estranged from her immediate family. This year marked the fifth year that she had been living with me, my husband, Derrick, and our teenage daughter, Wanda. Wanda loved Robin immensely and looked up to her, and often bragged about how amazing it was that she had graduated top of her class. But, Robin and I both knew the sole reason why she was so driven. Her father was a renowned businessman, who insisted that all his children pursue high-profile careers, which is why her elder sister was a partner at a prominent law firm and her brother had started his own company at 20.
“Listen, Robin; I know you do not like being a doctor and you only signed up for med school, because you thought you would not get accepted anywhere, but think of all the people you get to help each day.” I tried reasoning with her.
I knew my brother was a stubborn and proud man, who would see Robin’s decision as his failure. But, more importantly, I did not want Robin to feel like she had wasted eight years of her life pursuing a dream that was her father’s. However, she seemed adamant to follow through on her decision insisting that she would call her parents the next day after tendering her resignation letter at Georgetown Hospital, where sh…

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