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Tony Loneman
In the novel, Tony has a condition known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) that is associated with her mother drinking alcohol when she had the pregnancy of Tony. Based on the introductory stage of the character of Tony, the readers are meant to view Tony to be polite and not will not in any way look for trouble. However, this happens to change when Tony engages in a fight with other schoolmates that made him be suspended. “…No matter how many times Maxine moved me from schools I got suspended from for getting in fights…”(Orange, n.p), it is evident that indeed Tony was not ready to be ridiculed about the look on his face by other students as well as his intelligence. Therefore, this made him change from being a polite Loneman from the start of the narration to the hardcore and notorious Tony. It is also evident at the beginning of Loneman’s narration he did not want anything to do with alcohol or drugs. However, since his drooping face and eyes looked like those of someone using “coke” he was approached by guys wanting to buy it. At this point, Loneman shows interest in engaging in this kind of business “…I can get it, I said, even though I wasn’t sure if I could… Come back here in a week, same time…” (Orange, n.p) Therefore, it is evident that Loneman had now changed and now was about to become a drug peddler in West Oakland. Later in the narration, Loneman visits Octavia who l…

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