Nanotechnology and catalysis application

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Nanotechnology and catalysis application

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Au Nanoparticles: Catalyzing Cancer Research
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Au Nanoparticles: Catalyzing Cancer Research
Metallic nanoparticles are quite widely used in different applications including catalysis, drug delivery, and cancerous tumor treatment. Among the noble metals, gold (Au) nanoparticles have exceptional properties to be used for cancer therapy and diagnosis. In this domain, special areas of interest include enhancing molecular therapeutics understanding for cancer because the conventional approaches to solving the problem are inadequate with the lack of specificity of normal and cancerous cells. It also deals with the very domain of severe toxicity and degradation of the quality of life for the patients. However, metallic nanoparticles alone do not suffice. A diversified modification of bio-molecules for different biomedical investigation would be a part of the research for their use in thermal ablation, and sensitive imaging assays together with gene and drug delivery and subsequent, silencing.
Cancer is one of the leading mortality causes all across the globe that affects 10 million people every year (Jemal et al. 2010). It is quite well established that the cause of cancer is a function of multi-factorial diseases that is generated from the complex mixture of environmental and genetic factors (Balmain et al. 2003; Ludwig and Weinstein, 2005). It has allowed enhanced understanding of cancer on molecular…

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