Myth of Atalanta

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Myth of Atalanta

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Myth of AtalantaAmong the many exciting tales of Ancient Greece is that of Atalanta. She was born to a king who had a great desire to have a baby boy. Since Atalanta was a girl, the rich and mighty king decided to abandon her in the forest. In this tale, readers get to see how Atalanta is initially raised by a mother-bear, growing into a strong girl who can run very fast. She is later on adopted by an old man who teaches her the ways of the people. Her human traits develop while under the care of the old man, and she grows into a morally upright and strong woman who easily wins races against men. Atalanta comes out as a moralistic character because she fights for what she believes is right and takes down anyone in her way.
Atalanta becomes famous as a result of winning every other race that pits her against male runners. Her father who abandons her in the forest hears about her and decides to come for his daughter. Being a moralist character, Atalanta does not object to her father openly declaring that she is a long-long lost daughter and “would now take her rightful place in the palace” (Fairweather and McNicol 2). The king declares that Atalanta will no longer participate in the races, pointing out that given her fame “only the finest of princes will want to marry her, then I will have the heir I have always wished for!” (Fairweather and McNicol 2). Atalanta is not pleased with this plan but being a moralisti…

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