Myopic Preaching Characteristics

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Myopic Preaching Characteristics

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Myopic preaching characteristics
Myopia is a defective eye condition in which normal sight is affected, and a person is unable to see distant objects because they appear blurry because the light rays coming from the object focus on the in front of the retina (they should be focused on the retina). This is known as nearsightedness. Myopic preaching is revealed when people do not see the future based on God’s word, but rather their eyes and minds are more focused on what they are currently experiencing which results in people missing out on Gods worship perspective and his desires for their lives (Hyveth, pp 487- 498).
Myopic preaching is characterized by various concepts which include; false definitions of what worship means and the value attached to it, refusal of living life in God’s narrative and naivety concerning the culture we live in.
Wrong definitions of worship are as a result of peoples’ beliefs, upbringing and life experience which is outside the scope of God’s word. The wrong definitions are the major causes of the kind of worship that is seen in the various churches that are in existence. Understanding how the different definitions of worship came to be has totally revolutionized my life because I have discovered that in the midst of all these definitions only the word of God contains the ultimate truth, and therefore anytime I desire to understand something I must always go back to the word to…

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