My Reflection About Childbirth Class I attended

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My Reflection About Childbirth Class I attended

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Childbirth classes
I used to have a contrary opinion to the idea of parents attending childbirth classes. Having that mentality has grown in me. I believed that our bodies have their mechanism of ensuring the birth process takes place in the right manner just as nature deems it fit. Research from independent bodies on childbirth class attendance also shows that the numbers have dropped over time, as parents did not see any pressing reason to consider attending the classes while having fixed schedules. Giving professional caregivers all the responsibility of taking care of the birth process limited the experience or knowledge the parent should have gained on his or her own during the pregnancy period.
However, after attending the childbirth class, I realized that I had no specific reasons to back up my opinions about the classes, as I had never attended such classes in the first place and therefore had no particular experience in what exactly took place in them apart from what is on the internet. The course was quite educational since the teaching methods were entirely practical. Having expectant people in the same room was a chance to share various information and even make life-long friends from the group. Attending the class was a chance to acquire knowledge, which is power. Information given was quite crucial. Information regarding what to do when the mother experienced pains and how to carry oneself during the period was…

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