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My Personal Experience Revised

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My Personal Experience
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My Personal Experience
I am a 5th-semester student pursuing a course in the field of Computer Science in Pakistan. At school, I belong to an engineering group called the Youth Engineering Council (YEC). My first international experience came about when I visited Romania in 2018 to attend a conference, International Student Week in Timisoara (ISWinT). During the meeting, I made 67 friends who were from different countries within the ISWinT.
I have also visited and stayed in India for a week. During my stay over there, I got to enjoy the Indian cuisine which was both regional and traditional, native to the Indian subcontinent. I also had a view beautiful monuments/landmarks found there such as the India Gate, Taj Mahal, and the Golden Temple. These new visits also give you greater insight into India as a country.
In addition to all this, I have a Blog and Facebook page with approximately 10000 followers where I get to interact with people all around the world. I, therefore, believe I am socially committed enough to get involved in community programs such as working for an NGO, participating in community work events, and even working as a volunteer in places like children centers.

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