My Live Performance Experience

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My Live Performance Experience

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My Live Performance Experience
It is impossible to envisage my life without music because it is one of the most convenient methods of conveying information. In particular, I look forward to using live performance music as a way of communicating to the world because of its ability to bridge the gap between the audience and the musician.
Performing music was an in-depth calling and a vision I had since childhood, and which I am committed to. I grew up with a conviction that my endowment was in music performance, and I was right. When I enrolled for music classes two years ago, it completely changed my perception of life. It was then that I realized music is a universal language that can connect people from all walks of life. Hence, my objective is to communicate with my audience in a way that inspires and impacts them emotionally. Generally, that is the essence of live music performance.
However, as I delve into the field of Music, I am aware that it is not easy. It is an industry that is flooded, and competition is undoubtedly stiff. Regardless, I believe that I am unique. Music performance is also exceptional in a way as it depends on the creativity of the musician to draw attention. Hence, with the skills acquired in my musical school, I intend to collaborate with other ardent musicians to establish myself in the industry. Also, I plan to market myself by creating accounts with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and…

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