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My Favorite Place Updated

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My Favorite Place
We all have that one place or places in which we feel relaxed and at home or that especially hold your heart, bringing the feelings of never wanting to leave it at any particular moment. For me, Paris is one such places. I had always wanted to travel to Paris since I was nine. I had grown accustomed to seeing the city in movies and couldn’t wait to get there. My dream was fulfilled during one summer vacation in high school when I asked to accompany my aunt who was heading to France on a business trip. Though she often traveled from place to place on business, I had never asked to accompany her before, but this time I could not help it when I learned that she was going to France, and most specifically, Paris. She obliged, and we set out for the City of Light as it is commonly known. The city exceeded my expectations. But what makes the city so spectacular?
The Eiffel tower is the most iconic structure in the World. The 324 meters iron structure that features some art nouveau style had been specifically built by Gustave Eiffel and his company for an 1889 World Fair to mark a century since the French Revolution (Eiffel Tower – Facts & Summary). It was meant to be brought down after the Fair. The site was quite breathtaking. I was able to climb its stairs to get a better view of the city of light and all its other iconic buildings. It was quite pleasurable. The structure is more beautiful at night w…

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