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My dog charlie

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Keandra McelrathStudent Id# 22829570
My dog Charlie is a very friendly puppy that has made me happy since I first met him. He is a puppy that has become a very close part of my heart, and this is mostly because of the positive energy and joy he brings to my heart and my family. I met him while a small puppy when I got him from the animal shelter. He was a little brown puppy that was feeble and scare at the time.
From the cage, I could not know how energetic he was, and this could be because he was not in his rightful home. The moment I took him home, was full of energy, joy. Charlie loves people and likes to play with everyone especially children. Charlie likes to play with the ball for which I throw it, and he fetches and brings it back.
He likes the outdoors where he runs around exploring different aspects of the backyard such as bushes and items that lay on the ground. He amazes me because of how smart he is. He is swift when it comes to learning new actions and never shies away from showing them. We have such a tight bond that it seems as if he understands what I try to say.
I at times find myself chatting to him as if he is another person in the house. I consider Charlie as the greatest animal I have ever encountered, and this is because of the plentiful joyfulness he brings to my life. He truly represents the saying that a dog is man’s best friend because he is a great friend of mine. I always cherish the time I send with Charlie …

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