My Childhood

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My Childhood

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My Childhood
I am the last born in a family comprising of two elder brothers. Being the last born, I accompanied my brothers to their various fun and sporting events. My childhood memories are full of sporting activities. My best days filled with heart-racing excitement were the days I would attend my brothers’ practice. Ken plays basketball while Rob participates in the local football team. Ken and Ron who are twin brothers hope to be professional athletes in their respective sports.
My father has consistently and passionately nurtured my brothers’ football and basketball talent since they were in third grade. During their free time, Ken and Rob would always spend time in the local sports arena. For my father, nurturing and coaching my brothers was a natural duty because he is a retired professional football player. Ken and Rob understood the importance of discipline and consistency if their dream to be pros is to come true. They never missed a day of practice even when the time was limited.
My mother is always narrating how my brothers were in awe when I was born because for a very long time they wished for a younger sibling. The age difference between my brothers and me is exactly ten years. We are inseparable like sugar and sweetness. Ken and Rob have always protected me, and I owe everything I have learned about sports to them. When I was young, I would tirelessly ask them questions during their football and basketball practice…

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