Music video of, Ludacris – runaway love

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Music video of, Ludacris – runaway love

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Runaway Love – A Tale of Youth’s Struggle
Ludacris has presented a vibrant picture of the struggles faced by the teenagers and adolescents in his song “Runaway Love” featuring Mary J. Blige. Basically, the song has utilized the genres of Rap and Hip Hop music for conveying those very feelings and emotions.
Rhetorical Analysis and Discussion
The beginning lyrics tell its listeners about the motivational and inspirational outlook of the song. The music video has allowed both these two singers to embark on a trip towards an urban area where they have witnessed three young girls having serious adolescent issues in their lives. The video allows the audience to have a look into their lives and understand their very struggle. The story presented in music video as well as through lyrics, presents the story of little girls that have been “stuck up in the world on her own”. The very beginning of the lyrics clearly depicts the struggles faced by little Lisa. Surely, under the circumstances of fledgling; yet, abusing childhood, the songs also presents the situations that are faced by numerous children in lesser income areas of the United States.
However, Lisa is not the only girl portrayed in the song. The ages of girls ranges from nine years to eleven years old. And, more specifically, their goal in life is to run away from their home at such an early ages. At the end of each verse, Ludacris…

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