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Music final essay

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Steve Reich vs. James Brown
Music is aimed at energizing the spirit and motivating the mind. This was the aim of Steve Reich and fellow music composer James Brown. They created music meant for the soul hence becoming musical legends. These two legends had many similarities that will be covered in this paper. It will prove that their creativity brought transformation in the music industry.
Steve Reich and James Brown are both pacesetters in their times. In the 1960’s Steve was known for pioneering minimal music. James Brown made considerable contributions to the music industry in the 20th century.
Steve encouraged musicians to use original compositions to create new music. He expressed the importance of creativity in music. He was one of the greatest motivators of James Brown who ended up being the Godfather of soul music. He was able to influence several music genres, including funk music.
The creativity of these two individuals is also quite similar. On the one hand, James Brown was able to combine blues and gospel to form the funk music creatively. Steve Reich, on the other hand, used harmonic rhythms, canon, and repetitive figures to develop contemporary music.
Other than their music, both James Brown and Steve Reich were social activists. Stephen based most of his songs on the themes with historical meanings including his Jewish heritage. James Brown was a colossal campaigner of education advocacy that would lead to the provision …

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