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Music Concert

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Music Concert
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The concert was titled Jazz Café Performance held at the New Jerzy Performing Art Center on November 2018. It was principally a showcase for graduate students. The performing group played a duo song with two individuals on the piano. They played a simple right-hand melody which gave the song a spirited sound. Some of the tempos used in the duet performance included edgy sound. There was an adequate emphasis on antiphony or call aspect at the start of the song. The subsequent performance presented a duet between tenor saxophone and trumpet. The song started slowly and never picked up so much. The tenor saxophone began and was quickly followed by the trumpet. Notably, this kind of combination and the presentation of the music gave it a real tone color of melancholy and pure. The two instruments went back and forth overlapping one another and in the process got higher and higher.
Some of the instruments used included saxophone, piano, and trumpet. The piano stood out compared to the other two instruments. It would strongly pick up and slow down to give the performance an edgy sound. The singers (students) used a piano and the bass drum. The bass began and used strong pluck to emphasize the melody; however, the bass became rougher, and the piano picks up. As such, the tone color is scratchy.
Some of the elements which changed included dance tunes and bulge calls which offered the song an array of tone colo…

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