Multiple Personality

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Multiple Personality

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Multiple Personality
1. Introduction
Multiple personality is a complex psychological condition characterized by breakdowns or disruptions of awareness, memory, perception and/or identity.
People suffering from multiple personalities do in involuntary chronically escape their reality in unhealthy way ranging from assuming alternate identities to suppressing memories.
2. Types of MPD
Dissociative Amnesia
Derealization disorder also is known as depersonalization
Dissociative Identity Disorder
3. Symptoms and Signs.
Symptoms and sign of the three disorders.
Amnesia (memory loss) of certain events, people and periods.
Issues with mental health such as anxiety and depression
Distorted perception of things and people around.
Risk factors
4. Causes of Multiple Personalities
Most often is caused by several factors such as severe trauma at tender age mostly repetitive emotional, physical or sexual abuse.
5. Diagnosis
Multiple personality disorder is diagnosed based the review of individual patient symptoms as well as his or her history. To rule out physical conditions such as sleep deprivation, brain diseases, and intoxication tests are performed.
A physician may decide to use hypnosis or medication to describe repressed memories as well as identifying alternate personality.
6. Complications
People suffering from multiple personalities are at risk of difficulty such as:
Suicide attempts

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