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Multiple Intelligence see instructions below

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Multiple Intelligence
Throughout history, researchers and psychologists have proposed various definitions of intelligence. Although the topic has been of significant interest in psychology, no standard definition of intelligence has been developed. Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg are psychologists who proposed a multiple intelligence theory explaining that people possess different gifts instead of one. Multiple intelligence is an essential concept for a learner because it helps a person to identify the different gifts they possess
Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg contend that intelligence is not confined to one single general skill. According to Hanafin, the multiple intelligence theory assumes that people do not possess only a unique gift but possess a variety of gifts. Therefore, people have different intelligences, but one gift is more pronounced than the other gift in each. In this concept, Gardner outlines eight different types of interconnected bits of intelligence that people may have which include musical, naturalist, intrapersonal, interpersonal, logical-mathematician, bodily kinaesthetic, linguistic, and visual-spatial (Hanafin). A person might be strong in a particular area like having musical intelligence and likely possess other gifts like interpersonal, linguistic, naturalistic, and intrapersonal intelligence.
I possess various gifts as outlined by the two psychologists in the multiple intelligence concept. My gifts in…

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