Multi Axis Diagnosis

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Multi Axis Diagnosis

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Axis I. Panic disorder, Agoraphobia.
The client was a second-year college girl by the name Trisha. She was involved in an act of being raped by an acquaintance after a party. She developed symptoms of a complication which was thought to be a panic disorder known as agoraphobia (Folgliat, et al., 2016). She had, therefore, to drop out of school and went to live with her parents in an attempt to keep herself away from the environment that she experienced the problem.
Axis II. Personality disorders:
Still, while the client was away from school, she could always remember the occasion and it depressed her so much. She could remember this when it kept coming in her dreams. She then rarely gets enough sleep due to these dreams and as a result, she becomes depressed. She chooses to seclude herself from her lovely friends and also the loved ones.
Axis III. General medical conditions:
She also develops medical conditions including difficulties in breathing, experiences of nausea and stomach complications. These complications came in a cascade of events and since they were unpredictable, her normal functioning was hampered (Folgliat, et al., 2016).
Axis IV. Psychological and environmental factors;
With all these problems, her psychology was affected and she chose to be homebound because she feared involving herself with people in crowded places because she felt embarrassed. The environment also affected her since she was n…

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