Mr. C Case Study

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Mr. C Case Study

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Mr. C Case Study
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Health risks which are associated with obesity
Some of the health risks that can be associated with Mr. C’s condition of being obese include increased blood pressure (hypertension), elevated triglycerides, sleep apnea, the possibility of the development of diabetes that is brought about by the glucose level increase, as well as elevated cholesterol (Lewis, 2011). The patient should also consider losing weight, or he might have high chances of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And also the fact that the glucose level of Mr. C is already high, it is an indication that the patient is at the pre-diabetic stage. Mr. C is likely to benefit from the bariatric surgery because he already suffers from obesity. In case he was to lose weight, this could only help him reduce the chances of being a diabetic or possible heart attack that he might experience. The use of bariatric surgery reduces the rate of mortality when it comes to the diseases that get worse because of obesity such as stroke, heart attack, blood pressure and diabetes (ASMBS, 2018). And also because it has been identified that Mr. C gained 100 pounds within 2-3 years, he should be provided with proper counseling and education concerning his eating habit and lifestyle.
Mr. C’s medical Administration Schedule plan
6:00 am –Sucralfate /Carafate
7:00 am –Breakfast
10:30 am –Mylanta and Sucralfate/Carafate
12:00pm –Lunch
3:00 pm – Mylanta

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