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English 003: Movies
December 8th 2015
James Cameron was one of the directors who directed the movie terminator of 1984; it’s an American action film based on science fiction and written by the director Cameron and Gale Anne who was the producer. The movie had three starring Linda Hamilton, Michael Biehn and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie was shot in Los Angeles created by Hemdale Film and was later distributed by the Orion Pictures. Arnold Schwarzenegger acting as the terminator, the terminator was an assassin cyborg that was believed to have come from the future to the past kill a woman know as Sarah Connor, she was to give birth to a baby boy who was foretold that he will be savior of mankind against the machines in the future of post-apocalyptic. As the events unfolded a soldier by the name Kyle Reese from where the machine came from that is the future is sent to past in the year 1984 to safeguard the life of Sarah Connor.
The movie commences by means of the depiction of the future that is 2029, a likely forthcoming where human beings have been troubled by artificially intellectual machines controlled by the uncontrollable computer system known to man as Skynet. This supercomputer became uncontrollable, and sentient, therefore, started a very powerful and distractive nuclear battle by means of taking over control of nuclear arsenal belonging to the United States hence launching them in a shattering effort to overpower humanity. Conse…

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