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Movie Review revised

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Movie Review
The movie “Social Policy in Concrete” provides a sickening image of people suffering diseases that are caused by their dwelling in specific environments. One of such neighborhoods is Detroit. The city which was one of the thriving industrial towns is depicted as an abandoned old city. The previously busy industries have left the city as a breeding ground for asthma. The asthma comes from pollution caused by elements released by the industries. People living the proximity to the area have been diagnosed with chronic cases of asthma. One such resident is Mrs. Ophelia Owes whose children suffer from the disease. The disease is a result of long-term and direct exposure to pollutants. She suffers since it is difficult for her to manage the disease for her two children.
Another neighborhood highlighted in the film, is Oakland, California. Just like Detroit, the shipping industry has polluted all the surrounding neighborhoods with smoke. The smoke emanates from the daily output from the cranes and the ships. Mrs. Connie William is a resident of the area who has had firsthand experience with the pollution. Mrs. Connie, who is guardian to her seven grandkids suffer from obesity. Furthermore, her seven grandchildren have been diagnosed with asthma. The contamination of the environment causes the asthma affecting the seven children. On the other hand, Mrs. Connie is forced to reside in the immediate vicinity wh…

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