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Movie Review Revised

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Dil Se..
Some of the competing ideologies of Dil Se.. film are love and unfulfilled promises. Throughout the film, Shahrukh Khan is portrayed as a person who is following 7 shades of love. The shades include reverence, infatuation, obsession, worship, death, attraction, and love. Unfulfilled promises are shown through the dramatization of the way opposite sexes are treated differently under the law. The film is the film is structured in a way that shows how the government treats its people differently in law and the society. The dialogue between the protagonist Shahrukh Khan and Tigmanshu Dhulia supports the notion of having people who are together and are treated in the same way under the law (Mezey).
The portrait of India at 50 is painted in Dil Se. To show how the government has been unable to move forward since independence. Amar’s job for All India Radio changes the portrait of the country and affects the way people view the government. People rely on the radio more than on television and films because many people attach meaning to what they hear. With the different languages, where not everyone is fluent in the language of Hindi, people rely on interpretations from other people who listen to the radio (Mezey).
The different spaces in the film function to show the difference between the way the people live in the country. Urban areas are for the affluent people while villages are for the poor in the society. The difference spaces…

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