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Sometimes, life is not as we would wish because we are let down by the most people whom we love and who are close to us. Probably it will take many years for the people to accept us even if they are our family members. Front Class movie is an inspirational story of a young man by the name Brad Cohen. He is a young man who is so determined and optimistic in life such that he does not any challenge in life get in the path of his dreams. Cohen suffers from Tourette syndrome, a disorder that makes him make noise and twitch constantly. Often he was put down and made fun off by his classmates including teachers (Nasrudinillah, 16) Despite all the troubles he had with his father and all the bullying by fellow classmates; he was always determined to live a normal life just like other children of his age. He always maintained a positive outlook. He promised himself that when he grows up, he will be a teacher so that he can encourage other students to achieve what they want in life.
Being successful in life is determined by where we are born, our body conditions or our educational success. The most important thing in life is our determination, handwork, and passion towards achieving something. I would recommend this movie to all people out there with any physical disability or illness and are determined to make it in life. Just like Cohen, you can learn some ways to grow a…

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