movie comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes

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movie comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes

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Movie Comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes

Movie Comparison of Safe by Todd Haynes
“Safe” is a fascinating film about Carol who is allergic to the surrounding. Carol stays in a luxurious and affluent home in Southern California. The only duty that she has is to maintain her appearance and improve her health. For instance, she takes clean water, goes to the gym, and attends high-end luncheons. However, Greg, her husband, is often distant as he sees her seldom. As the movie continues, Carol collapses, and the psychiatrist indicates that the problem emanates from her. The psychiatrist fails to be of help to Carol as she becomes frightened and weaker. She feels that the world is not supporting her wellbeing. For instance, she feels that her laundry including the plastics, additives, polluting, chemicals, ozone, and preservatives are affecting health and wellbeing. When the situation of Carol worsens, she decides to decide to go for a retreat at a spa (Wrenwood). The spa still does not provide a remedy to the problems, and that affirms to the assumption that she could be the cause of her mayhem. Peter, the leader of the Spa, suggests that patients would only improve if they control themselves and follow the flow. The problem of Carol increases as she fails to get better. She decides to go to the igloo with the hope of being safe due to the cleanliness of the place. Despite her search for a safe place, she does not get better. It is challenging to determ…

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