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Motivation Paper

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The effectiveness of an instructor lies not in their qualification but ability to impart knowledge. Therefore, it is upon the instructors to ensure that they transfer their knowledge and expertise to the students. However, it should not be mandatory, but a social setting where the instructor influences the students to be receptive to the lessons of their volition.
One of the duties of the instructor revolves around triggering the appetite for knowledge in the learner (Wilkinson, 2010). In most settings, the instructor will possess the knowledge. Nonetheless, it is upon the instructor to prepare the learner for the lessons. In this regard, the instructor needs to identify the interests of the learners and link each of these to the subject or course at hand (Gotterbarn et al., 2018). For instance, a geography teacher might take the students out for a nature walk. The instructor for catering might provide the actual ingredients for a cooking lesson for students to practically try out the theoretical knowledge acquired. In return, the students will learn to appreciate the lesson or subject.
Afterward, it is most probable that the students will have begun developing interests in the lessons. At this juncture, it will be the teacher/instructor to keep the momentum. It does not help the fact that the students are motivated. What is most critical is to keep them in this condition for as long as the subject or course lasts (Al…

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