Motivation concepts

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Motivation concepts

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Motivation theories
Motivation can be defined as a set of energetic forces that could originate from within or beyond an individual that drives him to initiate work-related behavior. Motivation is what drives someone to meet some organizational goals and to meet some personal needs. The process of motivation comprises of setting goals that can be self-generated or set by others such as supervisors. There are many theories of motivation such as Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Alderfer’s ERG theory.
Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model was developed out of curiosity because he wanted to find out what motivates people. It is used in understanding the motivation and the needs of individuals and what makes people do what they do every single day. For instance, what makes a civil servant report to work every morning without failing? This model is used and continues to be used in various disciplines and environments be it psychology, social work or whatever it might be to understand the motivational factors for various groups of people and the driving force behind what they do.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is pyramid shaped divided into five levels that can be further classified into two larger groupings; the deficiency needs and the growth needs. These needs work in such a way that the upward climb in the hierarchy can only start after meeting the most immediate needs. Deficiency needs are those that drive some…

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