Most Important and Least Important Events

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Most Important and Least Important Events

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DateMost Important and Least Important Video Lessons in Unit III
America is one of the greatest countries in the world today. However, for it to achieve its greatness, it had to go through some significant events throughout the American Revolution history. Some of the events that took place carried great importance in shaping what America has become today while other events did not carry any importance. This paper critically analyzes some of the most important and least important video lessons in unit III as discussed in Eric Foner’s book Give Me Liberty!: An American History.
One of the most important video lesson, as discussed in Unit III in Eric Foner’s book, is the Westward Expansion. The Westward expansion was one of the most important periods in the American Revolution history because it helped shape the current territories of America. The period that this event took place is between 1800 and 1844. The westward expansion involves the events where America acquired some of its territories in the West. After the war in 1812, most families chose to move to the West and establish their settlement (Foner 53). The government used various methods including war and purchased to enlarge their territories. President Thomas Jefferson helped the nation to purchase Louisiana in the bid of expanding its territories for $15 million from the French government. I consider this event as the most important since it shaped the territori…

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