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Most and least important video

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Most and Least Important Video Lesson in Unit III.
In my opinion, the most important video lesson in Unit III is ‘Jefferson’s Vision of America,’ as it led to the expansion of the United States to what it is today. Jefferson was a man enthusiastic about farming and wanted to expand framers opportunities through the acquisition of more land. Nonetheless, his main worry was that America’s population was growing at such a rapid rate that would result in an increased demand of land rendering farming a financially demanding operation. Accordingly, he thought of a solution to expand the land which led to the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Jefferson was also a firm believer in western exploration and expansion that he sent Lewis and Clark to the west. The expedition resulted in a great breakthrough in that their discoveries paved the way for westward expansion as it uncovered large land potions that could potentially be utilized for farming. As a result of the expansion, the trade revolution spurred on leading to advancements in transportation, farming, and manufacturing. Without this expedition, America would not be as it is at the moment.
On the other hand, the video that was least important to me was ‘the Slave South.’ The video examines the nature of slavery and how the blacks coped with it. Slaves were mistreated by their masters. Moreover, slaves who attempted to run away were thoroughly punished and even killed. An example is …

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