Moral Perspectives

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Moral Perspectives

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Moral PerspectivesMorals are rules and regulation put forward within a society, classifying right or wrong things in society (Durkheim 30). Philosophers have gradually advanced the rationale of ethical consideration in society. Precisely, morals personify one’s character. Scholars believe religion, conscience and upbringing hugely influence one’s moral character. Critics are divisive on the precincts of moral character and moral authority within any just society. Democracy has shifted the moral perspectives, to include unnatural sexual orientation and wanting decisions such as war and draconian laws. The essay evaluates the existence of moral character among renowned philosophers such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Gandhi.
Socratic Perspective
Socrates exhibited moral character both in the teachings and personal character. Socrates universally taught on the importance of self-knowledge to discern good and evil. The philosopher believed a society held by rules and regulations, acted in the best interests of the citizens. The authorities charged Socrates with impiety and corruptive criticism of the Greek society. Socrates exhibited moral character by refusing to leave Athens and instead fight for self-determination of right or wrong in the society. Socrates further exemplified moral character based on teachings of ethical intellect. The philosopher believed that involuntary actions amounted to ignorance (Colaiaco 21)…

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