Moral Development Theory and Bullying

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Moral Development Theory and Bullying

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Moral Development Theory and Bullying

Although several strategies have been developed to curb bullying in the online environment, the vice persists. Cyberbullying is common among youths who either engage in the behavior as individuals or as a group. In this paper, the issue of the persistence of bullying and cyberbullying is examined using one moral development theory. The theory that is used in this paper is Kohlberg’s stage theory. The three levels of the theory are applied to show how cyberbullying has changed in the modern world. Certainly, youths are now using new forms of media to bully others by using the internet. Most of them do this without any consideration of the consequences that may follow their actions. Unlike in the past when bullying was restricted in school and other social places, technology has made it possible for the vice to occur on a universal level and this is a major challenge in tackling cyberbullying.

Moral Development Theory and Bullying
Bullying continues to be a major problem in the society. The advancement in technology particularly the introduction of new forms of media have resulted in cyberbullying. There are several moral development theories that can explain how bullying has changed and remains in the modern world. One of the primary moral development theories that explains the persistence of bullying behaviours is Kohlberg’s moral development stage theory (Graeff, 2012). The theory includes si…

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