Mood Disorders

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Mood Disorders

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Mood disorders
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Mood disorder is common on the rise in the society. It most cases it is the number one reason for suicide cases (Campbell-Sills & Barlow 2007). Therefore, it’s important to take the disorder with a lot of seriousness. Although Jennifer and Rosa are facing a hard time in their lives, their disorders are quite different. One factor that might make it difficult to differentiate and diagnose the two disorders is the source of the problem. In the case of Rosa, we are told that during her younger years she was very bright in class and also very active in sports. However, things changed as years progressed. However, we are not told what transpired in order for her to change: was it bad relationship with family, friends or even neighbors. Therefore, this might make it hard for the specialist to diagnose the cause of the problem unless; Rosa is cooperative and opens up about her life. Jennifer case is a little bit easy when it comes to diagnosing the problem. Despite doing everything for the husband, she was lastly left alone with the children to take care of. In this scenario, we can conclude that the source of her mood disorders is the strained relationship with the husband and it results to frustration.
The one similarity between Jennifer and Rosa case is at the advanced stage. They both see the people around them as enemies including Jennifer’s children. The difference is that Jennifer’s cause of prob…

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