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Mood disorder

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Case Study of Mood Disorders
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Case Study of Mood Disorders
In this paper, we aim to assess ourselves and study the case presented to us. By using the learned diagnosis tools, and the DSM, we shall give a diagnosis, and offer counseling tools. Maria is a 23-year-old female who came to her first psychiatric evaluation after being found wandering in the night. We shall recap the case study to have a better understanding of it, and to signal the key points that would help us in our paper. In the first place, Maria states that she has been having increased anxiety for the past three months since she broke up with her last boyfriend. After the breakup, she has been feeling “outside” of her body, and very anxious. In the same way, that feeling of depersonalization has made her feel like an “empty shell”. Also, she has felt that she cannot be content, and truly happy with herself. Maria has also lost her job, probably given to this depersonalization. She also stated that her former boss “never really liked her”. Also, her grandmother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and her mother suffered from panic attacks.
After reviewing the case, and the available literature, we consider that Maria suffers from depersonalization syndrome. We base our consideration after reviewing the sources, and the available literature.
Discussion of the Maria’s Diagnosis
Depersonalization is defined as subjective experiences of…

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