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The Ideal Child-Care Setting for a 6-Month Old.
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The Ideal Child-Care Setting for a 6-Month Old.
Research of child development proves that experiences with other people mold the mind and personality of an infant. Consequently, caregiving is a central part of the development of a child. Whether the caregiver is a parent, extended family member or child care center teacher, they must possess the ability to nature the infant in the best way possible. From the latter reasoning, one can see that it is important to look for a good child care setting for a 6-month old baby as child care has a direct impact on the baby. It affects the baby’s ability to build a healthy relationship, to learn and become the best he/she can be. This topic cuts to the heart of conceit of parental responsibilities and roles. Parents seeking a balance between being able to provide economic resources to their families and affording nurturance for their kids face difficult choices. Should they forego their income to take care of the baby? Should they organize their job such that each parent can work and provide nurturing for the toddler without affecting the other? These are a few questions that these parents face. Nevertheless, both share a concern for their children’s wellbeing. This paper will define in detail the components that make up an excellent childcare setting for a 6-month old baby.
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