Mongal Military Tactics and organization

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Mongal Military Tactics and organization

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Mongol Military Tactics and Organization
Since the beginning of time, men banded together for protection and communal life. Consequently, tribes who lived nomadic lives in lands with scarce resources were known to be fierce and mobile on the battlefield. Examples such as the Scythian armies which defeated Alexander the Great, the Arabic soldiers, who led by Mohammed conquered North Africa and the Levant; and the Mongol tribes, a group of tribes living in the Asian steppes who during almost two centuries ruled Eurasia.
However, Mongolian tribes, although seen as primitive by the outsiders, had some interesting features that allowed them to succeed in battle and be as efficient as they were. For instance, given the fact they were mostly nomadic, it was impossible to speak about a unified Mongolian army until the arrival of Genghis Khan. The Khan served as the unifying figure who led all the Mongolian tribes scattered in the steppes to become the empire they were. Likewise, the scarcity of resources in their homeland, along with the hard conditions on which the tribes lived allowed them to endure with relative ease the hardships of a military campaign, whereas their enemies resented such environments and were ill-suited to fight the Mongols’ continuous raids. Nevertheless, this would not have been possible without a strong discipline and good equipment. On the other hand, since the earlier sources on the “Golden Horde” are the recounts of th…

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