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During my childhood, there was one phrase that I always heard from the people, and it left me confused “Money makes the world go round.” Every time I heard this sentence I tried to figure out how money can make the world go round. Sometimes, I would try to ask my parents to explain, but the only response I could get was, “do not worry kid someday you will understand it.” Furthermore, though I would not insist, I never settled for the answer and hoped for the day when I will be able to interpret what it means. It was not until in the past few years when I started reflecting on the same issue and understood the whole idea is about how significant money is in the world. Everything we do in our lives mostly if not always revolves around money. In as much as people say money is the source of all evils in the globe, it is also a key to happiness.
In the whole of my childhood, the phrase never made sense until a few years ago when I was already grown up and lost my first job. When I was working, I had a stable income and had lots of people who loved my company, and we would spend most of the time together especially during the weekends and holidays when we were not working. My phone would never stop ringing, and sometimes, it would be irritating since I never had time for myself and had to ignore some calls once in a while. In other words, life was good, and it was like I was holding all the cards of happiness in my hands since I had mo…

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