Module 6 Business Trip (See Instructions attached)

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Module 6 Business Trip (See Instructions attached)

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Steps to take to ensure my boss has a successful trip
Executives always travel up and down to attend business meetings. Traveling, be it long or short distances, tend to be tiresome and more measures should be taken to ensure the travelers are comfortable (Burge 1). To achieve this, ensure you imagine yourself as the traveler. This paper seeks to discuss the various steps to take to ensure that travelers are comfortable throughout the process.
The first step in preparing successful travel for a boss is to prepare an itinerary. The itinerary should contain the following. First, for any emergencies, the itinerary should contain all the important contacts needed (Burge, 1). Again a report on the daily weather of the city and all the places to be visited for all the days your boss will be there; a list of all the programs, events or issues that may tamper with that travel in any way. Additionally, information on the clubs existing within the airport. Finally, it should also contain information on the types of food that is served during the flight.
The second step is to consider the following when booking a flight. First, the layover time should be long enough to enable the leader or boss to make connections. Again consider the best day for departure considering the expected date of arrival (Burge, 1). Conversely, consider taking the shortest route to the destination instead of making too many connections; the time for not…

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