Module 5 Assignment 2 (see instructions)

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Module 5 Assignment 2 (see instructions)

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Module 5 Assignment 2
In an organization, communication is essential. One most basic function of communication is a greeting which tends to trigger the conversation that is positive between two people. However, officeholders should develop smarter ways of greeting visitors so that to make them feel at home. Some of the tips for welcoming visitors include; 1) it is essential to capture the information of the visitors which include names for easier identification and security purposes (AllBusiness editors, para3). 2) You need to get rid of the visitor log books because they take most of the visitor’s space and may turn off them because they may expect a modern office. 3) You need to ask the visitors to sit down at a particular place to make the office look like a nice place to be. 4) All the times the desk should be kept uncluttered to allow space for things like a pen and a notebook to make it more welcoming.
Other tips include; 5) the confidential information needs to be kept away so that the visitor does not watch you hiding them while seated. 6) Apply the automate tasks, so that same tools are used to manage visitors’ activities to get more time to interact with visitors and greet them. 7) It is essential to monitor the items carried by the visitor as you greet them for personal security and help them out to keep them (AllBusiness editors, para9).. 8) When greeting visitors, it is honorable that you stand up for the show of respect a…

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