Module 3 Case Study (See instructions…CLOSELY)

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Module 3 Case Study (See instructions…CLOSELY)

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Case Study on Experiential Learning Skill
I am a young American doctor working with the American Department of Defense in the Marshall Islands, My friend Adams, a doctor, working with a volunteer medical team, informs me there has been an increase in particular cancer cases among the natives of the island who had been previously relocated to another island downhill (Froehlich et al. 353). This specific paper involves the significant steps I will take after clearly and critically analyzing the situation so that I can come to a conclusion based on evidence. Firstly I will confirm genuinely that the cases of certain cancers have been rising over the years from existing data from the previous research in as per the procedures mentioned in David Kolb’s theory of experiential learning styles.
David Kolb outlines a procedure that enables proper decision making; it involves steps such as, the action you would take in a particular situation, making observations, thinking carefully and finally coming up with a plan (Septimiu et al. 99). I would employ his ideas in the steps to take. Firstly I would verify that there has been a rise in particular cases of cancer, I would then relocate to the island where the natives reside to enable me to make proper observations to find out if there exists a basis for or materials that could be cancerous, I would then interview the residents, and carry out various cancer tests among them this will …

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