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Part 1
Symbolism is a common technique used in literature and involves the use of different things such as objects to provide a deeper meaning than its literal meaning. One of the symbols used by Hirshfield in her poem is that she says an artist should not take yesterday’s bread (p. 49). This means that an artist should always surprise the reader by producing new things. Secondly, Lathbury et al. state that readers are no longer in the earlier world of poetry (p. 8). This symbolizes the evolution of poetry. Additionally, there is the use of the phrase “transplanted American” to mean an immigrant (Lathbury et al. 11).
Part 11
Hemingway and TS Eliot are among the most influential figures of the modern movement. My impression of modern man is that he faced problems that many men continue to experience in the today’s world. Markedly, in his poems, Eliot described the problems faced by modern man globally (Barzinji 1). The difficulties that modern man faces can be attributed to the fact that the modern movement did not take into account the traditions. Therefore, rejection of traditions makes modern poetry to be viewed as unusual and unclear. Again, it makes modern life to be complex and full of issues. The modern man experienced many issues including alienation and lack of confidence. The first and the second world wars destroyed the modern society making modern man suffer from psychological problems.
Part 111

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