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Moby Dick Review
Moby Dick is a biographic that shows all the imaginations of the writer. There are several characters in the story, but few are essential. Ishmael, the narrator, narrates about Captain Ahab, a one-legged leader of the crew in ship Pequod. The captain is determined to kill the source of his distress, Moby Dick. This essay is about the psychological study of Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick.
It is an adventure’s story of a person called Ishmael who is withdrawn and lonely is but interested to see the “watery part of the world” (Melville 1). From the introduction, Ishmael creates a sad mood for the reader. Furthermore, he narrates about his journeys to different towns, and when he was in Nankantuket, he enrolled for a whaling voyage on the Pequod. It is in this Pequod that captain Ahab, Starbuck, and Queequeg traveled in.
Melville presents the stubborn and determined Captain Ahab leading his crew; he has a motive to take revenge against the white whale, Moby Dick. The whale had made him lose one leg during the previous voyage. Restlessly, Ishmael decides to go out of the sea and into a new port called Bedford, meets Queequeg and both shares a room. After meeting with different whaling ships, most of them had almost same agenda, which is finding Moby Dick. At some point, Captain Ahab refuses to look for missing people who had separated with ship Racheal as they encountered the whale. Finally, Ahab spots the …

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