Misuse and Abuse of Language in Politic

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Misuse and Abuse of Language in Politic

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Misuse and Abuse of Language in Politics
Language is considered a powerful tool in the field of politics and politicians have had an antiquity of misuse of the English language. The main agenda of most politicians is for self-affirmation to sway and owe their followers to support them. Politicians attempt to make lies sound truthful and to give solidity to their political phrases and terms. The language of politics is based on killing and winning in totality without considering any recollection. Although their use of manipulative language is sometimes agreeable, it’s however not commendable when the politicians’ intentions are profound and ill (Orwell, 67). Despite their ideologies and personal stances, they are still statesmen who are more interest to witness the well-being of the entire nation. Instead of using scheming language to obtain power, they should be protecting their citizens from political influence.
George Orwell examines the present state of modern English in his essay, Politics, and the English language. Orwell scrutinizes the common cause of language abuse and misuse while also outlining the possible outcomes and possibilities of abusing the English language. The author points out how ambiguity and incompetence characterize political writings in the form of English prose. He claims that root of abuse language can be traced to the growing use and reliance on metaphors for communication purpo…

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