Mission & Vision Statement

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Mission & Vision Statement

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Coca-Cola Company
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Coca-Cola Company
The company produces soft drinks, which are distributed and consumed all over the globe. As per the recent statistics, it is the leading company in the soft drink industry. The company’s brand name is formed from its famous drink made using a formula which was discovered in1886 by John Smith. Since its incorporation in 1892, the company has performed well in the market.
The company’s mission aims to give a “refreshing world in the mind body and spirit”. This statement shows the company’s desire to provide the greatest satisfaction to all their customers globally. It further continues to provide that, it aims at “inspiring moments of optimism and happiness to their customers through their branding and action”; this part of the statement communicates the dedication of the company towards the brand they offer to their customers. The final part of the statement strives to make a difference through creating value. The part shows that the company is aiming at becoming the best in the market through establishing a long-term relationship with their customers (Zimmerman and Blythe, 2013).
Coca Cola’s vision is structured in such a way that it covers the people, the portfolio, the partners, the profits, the productivity and the planet. Its vision communicates its guidelines towards achieving both their short and long-term goals (Zimmerman and Blythe, 2013). Therefore, it dictates the activities…

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