Mission Goal Objectives Revised

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Mission Goal Objectives Revised

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Levi Strauss Company
Levi Strauss Company’s mission statement is, ‘To sustain responsible commercial success as a global marketing company of branded apparel.’ (Levistrauss &Co 15). Business aiming to dominate the market have to balance between profit earned and gains from investing. The mission statement aims to ensure that the company ethically demonstrate leadership in satisfying their responsibilities in the market. Typically, this is a good and goal oriented mission statement which is expressing the business that the company is majoring into, the target market and also it inspires its venture (Levistrauss &Co 24). For instance, Levi Strauss Company inspires itself through the statement that it will clothe the whole world. Clothing the world is not an easy task, but Levi Strauss can achieve it because the venture was started with a mission and focus.
Levi Strauss and Company is a multinational business with an aim to make money. The main objective of the company is to maximize profit. High profit will be realizable through the sale of goods at the lowest price possible by taking advantage of the low fixed and variable cost existing in other countries. The company’s objective is to strengthen the global market, attain sustainable profit growth, and boost cash generation and reduce debt levels (Levistrauss &Co 35).
Levi Strauss and company goal is to be a sustainable clothing company across t…

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