Mindset Changing

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Mindset Changing

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Mindset Changing
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The mindset is responsible for how an individual handles situations. It can assist a person in identifying an opportunity and also hinder it. In this essay, the mentality is going to be expounded into two: fixed mindset and growth mindset. An individual with a fixed mindset is limited and only accepts what is readily available, he or she believes density is already decided, and there is nothing that can be done. On the other side, a person with a growth mindset strives to improve the condition he or she is in. It is the best type of mentality as it allows individuals to tap on their full potentials. Also in this paper, I briefly explain the impact that ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success’ by Dr. Carol had on me. She is an author that has addressed the impact that one’s mindset might have on life; it differentiates successful people from those struggling.
Mindset Changing
Mindset is broad starting from beliefs to thoughts about the universe. It sieves what a person takes in and put out. It is, therefore, a crucial determinant of how an individual accepts and respond to information. I used to have a fixed mindset that made me believe the people around me determined my happiness and prosperity. Such a mentality limits a person from living to his or her full potential. Students with a fixed mindset are always afraid of what others think of them and do not see themselves amounting to anything. When I began to r…

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