Military Rhetorical Essay

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Military Rhetorical Essay

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Verbal and non-verbal communication email
To: (Enter boss email address)
Subject: Verbal and non-verbal communication behavior during strategy meeting
Dear …… (insert name)
This email provides information on the nonverbal communication behavior observed among employees during the weekly strategy meeting as requested. I noticed an impressive demonstration of positive nonverbal communication as exhibited through employee behavior. An important observation was the constant eye contact between meeting participants as they discussed various issues (Leathers and Eaves 221). Secondly, there were keen listening cues such as nodding their heads in agreement, smiles and laugher where necessary, anticipatory facial expressions, and note taking. Thirdly, it was possible to see employees leaning towards the speaker and moving closer, an indication of active listening.
Participants exhibited various negative non-verbal communication aspects including excessive movement during the meeting, lack of eye contact from some presenters, excessive gestures and uneasiness, which was expressed by participants fidgeting on their seats or nudging their colleagues when a speaker took long in their presentation (Leathers and Eaves 227-228). Some participants also had poor posture such as slumped shoulders and crossed hands (Leathers and Eaves 227). A number of participants also showed anxiousness and boredom at some point, mostly by checking…

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