Milestones in Nationhood

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Milestones in Nationhood

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Milestones in Nationhood
The history of New Zealand has been impacted by agricultural development. The country has benefitted more on the agricultural front than any other sector. New Zealand’s dependence on agriculture has helped her to grow and provide for the citizens regarding food. The country is one of the riches in agricultural produce across the world. Wool production, meat production, dairy produce, grassland farming, infrastructure, and education are some of the six factors that have played a significant role in the evolution of New Zealand. The article examines these six factors and the manner in which they revolutionized New Zealand.
The infrastructure in New Zealand has played a vital role in transforming the country to its current status. The renewable energy available in the country has been sufficient enough to sustain the number of activities taking place in the country. The two main sources of energy in New Zealand are both the geothermal and hydroelectric power, which are renewable. Geothermal energy has been even more sufficient due to the larger percentage of the energy level that it has grossed in the country (Dalley, 2001). The renewable source of energy for the country has improved its economy and played a vital role in its evolution. The availability of water in the country has led to an increase in renewable energy in New Zealand. The New Zealand government has further developed the country’s t…

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