Miles Davis ‘“ Kind of Blue

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Miles Davis ‘“ Kind of Blue

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Analysis: “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davies
Undoubtedly, Miles Davies is one of the greatest Jazz musicians of all times, and his influence has been broad, not only in jazz music but also in rock and classically related genres. One of the greatest traits of the musician was his need for innovation, always pushing the boundaries of the genre and aiming for new standards and ways to interpret new music. For that reason, despite his lack of qualities when compared to other musicians of his generation does not put him at a disadvantage, since he had creative vision to step away from the old conventions of the Bebop and create new pieces of a completely unheard beauty. The ensemble itself is a dream for any composer or director as it was composed of jazz musicians of incredible talent such as Miles Davies in the trumpet, Bill Evans on the piano, Paul Chambers on the bass, John Coltrane, and Cannonball Adderley in the saxophones and Jimmy Cobb in the drums. With such a promising ensemble, Davies’ experimentation paid off, and Kind of Blue has been praised as one of the greatest albums in the history of Jazz.

The first song on the album “So What” is an excellent example of modal jazz, and when compared to the music of that time, it strikes us as something completely new. The first noticeable thing over Davis’ trumpet is Evans’ piano. Its notes do not compete with the trumpet’s soloist intentions but add a floating almo…

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