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Micro Mezzo Macro

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Micro Mezzo Macro
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A strength-based approach focuses on the strengths of individuals, organizations, families, corporations, and groups to help in recovery and empowerment. A strength-based approach in social work continues to grow conceptually. Those that hold onto a strength-based approach all agree that the youth, children, organizations, and families can recover from adversity. This approach helps people see the opportunities, solutions, and hope rather than difficulties experienced and hopelessness. Social work works on three levels to help people and create change. There is the micro level which deals with direct interaction and dealing with direct clients. Mezzo level focuses on groups instead of focusing on individuals. It is used to solve problems in businesses, schools, and organizations. Macro-level involves interventions on a large scale and affects a broader number of people ranging from states communities and countries. This paper will look at micro, mezzo and macro strength based approach to social work and human services.
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Micro, Mezzo and Macro
A fourth grader is presented by the teacher for counseling is an example of micro social work. The underlying problems experienced are constantly fighting, uncooperative attitude and failing in examinations. While reviewing the child, I realize that he has been scoring good grades in the past after reviewing his records and r…

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