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Micro-evolution is the evolution that takes place below the level of species, for instance, the change of gene frequency of organisms’ population or the procedures on which new species are developed (Endler). Changes in micro-evolution may be due to one of the following processes; genetic flow, genetic drift, mutation as well as natural selection (Endler). Changes in this type of evolution are observed over short durations of time (Endler). Scientists have tried to find laboratory evidence of micro-evolution. In their findings, organisms with certain markings that permits them to better blend with their particular surrounding, as well as presumably avoid being visualized by the predators. In this experiment, when predators were removed from the surrounding, the markings of the organisms stood out more in their surrounding likely to attract mates, in case of sexual selection (Endler).
Similarly, evidence of micro-evolution has been demonstrated in the field. For instance, since sparrows’ introduction in North America in 1852, the development of different traits of the sparrows in different places has been observed (Johnston & Robert, 376). They have evolved differently exhibiting different traits such as larger body-size that aid the sparrows in surviving in low-temperature areas. The small-bodied sparrows survive in warm temperature places (Johnston & Robert, 378). Moreover, the sparrows in the South …

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