Michael Porter: Aligning Strategy & Project Management

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Michael Porter: Aligning Strategy & Project Management

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Aligning Strategy and Project Management
A strategy may be defined as a plan of activities designed to realize a particular goal. A strategy is about acquisition or at least endeavoring to acquire a position of benefit over competitors or adversaries. A project is actually a task with explicit start and conclusion parameters intended to produce a definite outcome. Project management refers to the discipline of utilizing established procedures, principles, and guidelines to manage a task from beginning through completion (Rouse, 2016). In some project management methodologies, projects are perceived as independent units by a project manager. In overall, while this could allow an abundant deal of suppleness of visualization for the task manager to drive a project anywhere she or he desires it to reach. It also threats diverging very extreme from the general aims and goals of the business as a whole. Alternatively, many managers are currently seeing the paybacks of aligning tasks with administrative strategy. By bringing into line projects and better strategic goals, managers help guarantee that assets are well utilized and openly affect company prosperity (Milosevic, 2006). Therefore, in this essay, I will discuss my key takeaways from the video by Michael Porter concerning aligning strategy and project management.
Michael Porter is an aerospace engineer who took time to explain what aligning strategy and project management entail. From his …

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