Miami International University Bridge Collapse

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Miami International University Bridge Collapse

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Miami International University Bridge Collapse.
The $14.2 million Miami University bridge was initially supposed to be a way for students to safely cross the Tamiami Trail (Nehamas and Viglucci 1). However, a few months ago the bridge collapsed because of a flaw in the design. The FIGG Bridge Group failed to realize how a large amount of stress placed on the strut on the north end could cause the bridge to collapse. According to Nehamas and Viglucci (1), the bridge lacked a central tower meant to support the deck and had the cables intended to suspend the walk-way loosely tighten. It was contrary to the structural design expected for bridge implementing a cable-stayed bridge design. As a result, the lower structures were not strong enough to sustain the weight of the deck and the users.
The constructors could have avoided the disintegration of the bridge. Nehamas and Viglucci (1) argue that if they had not implemented a cable-stayed bridge design, the geometry might have been more accurate. The supports beneath the steel pipes were of different sizes and shapes thus increases the degree of errors made during construction (Nehamas and Viglucci 1). Contrary, several other bridges have been created out of simpler designs with temporary support in place. A similar approach would have resulted in a better, easy to construct and durable bridge.
The collapse of the University bridge had several societal effects on those tasks with the constructio…

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